Hong Kong to Tibet Flights

As an international hub of China, there are frequency international flights from major western countries to Hong Kong which makes it easy to travel from every corner of the world to China. Meanwhile, there are several flights to mainland China every day. Therefore Hong Kong becomes a popular gateway for international tourists to get to Tibet.  Since there is no direct  Hong Kong to Tibet flights or trains from Hong Kong to Tibet, every traveler traveling to Tibet from Hong Kong should transfer in major cities of China such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Chengdu. The distance from Hong Kong to Lhasa is about 2432km, so you are suggested to take flights to Tibet if you have a tight schedule. Here are three recommend Hong Kong to Tibet Flights itineraries.

The distance from Hong Kong to Lhasa is about 2432km, so you are suggested to take flights to Tibet if you have a tight schedule.
Hong Kong to Tibet Flights

1. Hong Kong-Chengdu-Lhasa

Chengdu is adjacent to Tibet which makes it an ideal gateway to Tibet. As there are daily flights to Chengdu from Hong Kong, you can easily get to Chengdu. When you arrive at Shuangliu International airport, you can take flights to Lhasa from Chengdu which only takes about 2.5 hours. Presently there are 13 direct flights to Lhasa from Chengdu every day. If you have enough time, it is rewarding to take at least 2 days in Chengdu to experience the relaxing life pace, taking the delicious Sichuan cuisine and touching the adorable giant panda.

The Time Schedule of Hong Kong to Chengdu Flights

Flights Route Flights Code Dep. Arr. Frequency
Hong Kong to Chengdu HX452 20:50 23:45 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu 3U8618 17:10 20:00 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu HU8162 20:50 23:45 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu CA412 11:10 13:35 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu CA428 19:45 22:15 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu CA6504 19:25 21:55 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu KA886 10:05 12:40 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu KA824 19:25 21:55 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu CX5886 10:05 12:40 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu CX5824 19:25 21:55 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu CX6122 11:10 13:35 every day
Hong Kong to Chengdu CX6128 19:45 22:15 every day

2.Hong Kong-Guangzhou-Lhasa

Closed to Hong Kong, Guangzhou seems to be a good gateway for travelers who travel to Tibet from Hong Kong. Since there is no direct flight to Tibet from Hong Kong, you should make your way to Guangzhou at first. It is pretty easy to travel to Guangzhou from Hong Kong. You can take trains to Guangzhou which take about 4 hours or you can take flights to Guangzhou from Hong Kong that only take about 1h. Once you get to Guangzhou, you may find there are two direct flights to Lhasa that will stop over at Chongqing.

Guangzhou to Lhasa CZ3463 8:10 14:05 every day
Guangzhou to Lhasa 3U3061 8:10 14:05 every day

3. Hong Kong-Xining-Lhasa

As the start destination of Qinghai-Tibet railway, Xiling is definitely the ideal gateway for travelers who are favor of Tibet train tours. However, there is no direct flight to Xining from Hong Kong, so you have to transfer from Guangzhou. Then take flights from Guangzhou to Xining. Upon your arrival, you have two choices to get to Lhasa. You can either take flights or take trains to Lhasa

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