Shanghai Lhasa Flight

Flying to Tibet from Shanghai is very convenient and time-consuming. There are direct flights between Shanghai and Lhasa.

Why travel from Shanghai to Tibet?

Shanghai is located on the south-east coast of China. It is a modern international metropolis without losing its traditional Chinese characteristics. Located in the middle of China’s long coastline, it is one of the four central municipalities directly under the central government of China and a famous historical and cultural city in China. For more than 100 years, Shanghai has been the center of Chinese business and the gathering place of wealth. It is China’s famous “shopping paradise”, second only to Hong Kong and the closest link between China and the world. You can take a direct international flight to Shanghai from your home country.

At present, China Eastern Airline offers a direct flight to Tibet from Shanghai every day. The whole journey to Tibet is about 8 hours including 1 hour for stopover. It offers a convenient way to Tibet. In addition, there are many connecting flights to Tibet. You can fly to Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming firstly, and then transfer a plane to Lhasa.

Here are the direct flights to/from Lhasa from/to Chengdu:

Flight from Shanghai to Lhasa

Dept. Arri. Flight No. Airlines Dept. Arri. Type Schedule
7:50 14:15 MU2335 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai Lhasa JET Every Day

Flight from Lhasa to Shanghai

Dept. Arri. Flight No. Airlines Dept. Arri. Type Schedule
15:40 21:00 MU2336 China Eastern Airlines Lhasa Shanghai JET Every Day

Flights from Shanghai (4 meters) to Lhasa (3680 meters) cover a huge change of altitude. And at present, there are two airports in Shanghai, and only the Shanghai Pudong International Airport offers the direct flight to Tibet every day. You can board a connecting flight at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The flights between Shanghai and Lhasa land at Lhasa Gongga Airport.

Traveling to Tibet by plane is a good way to save time and can give more time to help you to adapt to the change of altitude. Besides, the plane flies so close to the snow-capped mountains as if you can touch the peaks from the plane window. The scenery from the plane can give you an exciting experience to see the Tibetan mountains at an altitude of over 7000 meters which the journey in a Tibetan train can’t offer. Many travelers to Tibet prefer to go by plane for the stunning scenery of mountains from the airplane. It is an once-in-a-lifetime journey.

As the flight timetable and schedule are affected by climate and weather, you need to check the detailed information from the net or your travel operator. We offer service on ticket booking. We can help you to find a suitable flight at the best price. The Tibet Travel Permit is a must when you board a plane to Tibet. Without one, you are not allowed to enter Tibet. Tibet is a politically sensitive region. You are not allowed to enter Tibet as a backpacker. You need to go with a tour guide, driver and private car. As a local travel agency, we offer service on permits application, tickets/hotel booking and travel packages.