What is the best time to visit Nepal and Tibet?

The majority of the people touring the Himalayas prefer combining a tour of Nepal with a tour of Tibet. This allows them to enjoy the unique cultures of these two places. When it comes to touring, there are so many factors that should be considered. Some of these factors include money, climate and most importantly, time. It is therefore wise to choose to visit a destination at the best time of the year so as to have the best experience. It all goes down to the purpose of the trip as well as the cost factor. When planning to visit these areas, avoid visiting during the rains or fog since such weather brings with it a solemn mood and the conditions of the road may be off-putting. For a joint trip, one can travel from Lhasa to Kathmandu and experience the unique cultures of the two different places.

                                                          BEST FOR TIBET

 The best time to visit is the spring [March- May]. During this time, there are clear skies hence one is able to enjoy the beautiful and unique sceneries. Although the weather will be crisp, it won’t be too cold for you to enjoy the mountains or the snow. A walk along the holy lakes will give you justice for your money for choosing to travel to these areas in spring. In all honesty, there is nothing more mesmerizing than waking up to a beautiful amazing scenery through your bedroom windows. This tends to lift up your spirits and make you anxious to go out and enjoy the breathtaking natural features.

In the summer, the temperatures become warm though there might be rain which can lead the roads to become muddy hindering travels. Also, you might experience some snow during this time of the year. Summer brings with it thick skies which obscure clear viewing of the peaks and ranges of the Himalayas. Despite all these negatives, summer enables one a clear view of Tibet such as the endless greenness. One is also able to see nomads moving during this time of the year. Summer is the season where most people travel to these areas hence prices are very high.

Autumn[ September-mid November], brings with it low temperatures, clear sky views hence ability to see the scenery of Tibet, lush grass as well as falling of leaves making the ground beautiful and colorful. Autumn enables photographers to get the best views of the area. Winter starts from mid-November to February and is the coldest time of the year. Winter is not the best time to visit the Tibet due to the snow and ice on the roads which hinder movement and interferes with your view.

                                                   BEST OF NEPAL

Nepal has different characteristics in the different seasons from those of Tibet hence one should make different plans for visiting the two areas. The climate here varies with altitude as well as the topography. The lower regions[ 305m] have hot and humid climate; the middle regions have warm weather all round though they have cool nights in the winter and the higher regions[ 3300m] has lower temperatures in winter.

In the summer from June to September, the temperatures are quite high and there is also rain in between. The best time to visit during this time is at the end of the summer since you’ll view the green-nature of the ground and the mountains as well. There are thunderstorms as well in the later hours of the day [evening].

Autumn [October-November] has temperatures suitable for human comfort and little rains. One is also able to enjoy clear skies and fresh crisp air as well as the Himalayas’ beauty. Trekking in the Himalayas is common in this season.

 Winter is one season that it’s not advisable to go exploring due to the cold conditions which bind people indoors. Winter has its mornings and nights cold but its days warm. Winter also brings a sombre mood which may affect your ability to climb the mountains.

In spring, the temperatures are warm with showers from time to time. The view is amazing due to the colourful flowers on the ground and grass flourishing which brings a unique kind of beauty to the eyes. Flowers also take this time to bloom creating a magical scenery.

                                            EVEREST TREKKING

The most suitable time is April to mid-June.  Why? This is because this time brings with it mild temperatures and clear sight of the peak. The other ideal choice is from September- November since it allows you to see one of the best views of the Everest. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s just perfect for comfort.

                             BEST TO EXPERIENCE LOCAL CULTURE

The various festivals in the Tibet and Nepal regions are ones that should never be missed. Therefore, the most ideal time to visit is when they are having festivals so as to experience their culture and religion as well and get the best experience of your time in these areas.

For Tibet, the best period is January-February so as to experience the Buddhist festivals and different cultural activities. Some of the festivities include the Butter Lamp, Saga Dawa, Shoton festival and many more.

For Nepal, there are a variety of festivals at different times of the year such as the Dashain festival in September, Tihar festival in October-November.

For better planning, check and confirm the dates of the festival prior to embarking on the journey.

                                      BEST FOR CHEAP PRICE


To enjoy low prices, visit these areas during the off-peak season which is mainly the winter season since many tourists do not travel at this time. One can also enjoy great discounts hence lowering the travel costs.

After being enlightened on the best time to visit the Tibet and Nepal regions, it is now easy for you to plan your trip depending on your interests. It is also clear that the best time to visit both regions is during the spring and autumn seasons.

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